Hung Out. Image shows from L to R: James (James Shakeshaft), Alex (Alex McGettigan), Lucy (Lucy McCall), Dave (David L E Davis). Copyright: Channel K.

Hung Out


Played by: David L E Davis
Hung Out. Dave (David L E Davis). Copyright: Channel K.

Dave is intelligent and socially awkward - yeah, one of them. He is always arguing with flatmate James.


Played by: James Shakeshaft
Hung Out. James (James Shakeshaft). Copyright: Channel K.

James is like a big baby. Friendly, but he'll turn if he's backed into a corner. That's babies, right? He owes money to flatmate Dave - which is never a good thing.


Played by: Alex McGettigan
Hung Out. Alex (Alex McGettigan). Copyright: Channel K.

Alex is attractive and cocky, but not in a cocky way. More like someone who enjoys looking in the mirror but isn't exactly sure who they're looking at...


Played by: Lucy McCall
Hung Out. Lucy (Lucy McCall). Copyright: Channel K.

Lucy would bluff her way through anything if she wasn't so bad at bluffing her way through everything. She thinks she's independent but needs everyone to tell her so...


Hung Out. Maya (Catherine Shepherd). Copyright: Channel K.

Maya considers herself a free spirit. But we all know people who do that are usually so uptight they have their kaftan shawls arranged precisely according to the order of the colours in the rainbow.