Peep Show. Image shows from L to R: Mark Corrigan (David Mitchell), Jeremy Usbourne (Robert Webb). Copyright: Objective Productions.

Peep Show

Channel 4 sitcom about flatmates. 54 episodes (9 series), 2003 - 2015. Stars Robert Webb, David Mitchell, Olivia Colman, Matt King and others.

Series 9, Episode 3 is repeated on Gold today at 10:40pm.

Peep Show. Image shows from L to R: Jeremy Usbourne (Robert Webb), Mark Corrigan (David Mitchell). Copyright: Objective Productions.

Peep Show

Sitcom starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb as a pair of socially dysfunctional flatmates with little else in common

2003 - 2015
Channel 4
54   (9 series)
Andrew O'Connor, Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain
Robert Webb, David Mitchell, Olivia Colman, Matt King, Paterson Joseph, Neil Fitzmaurice, Elizabeth Marmur, Sophie Winkleman and others
Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain
Becky Martin, Jeremy Wooding and Tristram Shapeero
Izzy Mant, Phil Clarke, Robert Popper and Hannah Mackay

A sitcom about Mark and Jeremy (Jez), two socially dysfunctional men. Despite having nothing in common they share a South London flat.

Wannabe 'musician' Jeremy is a lazy man with big ideas, mostly about himself. Meanwhile Mark is an astonishingly tragic obsessive loser with a no-pain, no-gain view of the world.

Their deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings are revealed as they try to find their place in the modern world and endeavour to find love and fulfilment.

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Production Details

Production company
The theme music is by Daniel Pemberton in the first series; and is Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from the second series onwards.
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Friday 19th September 2003 on Channel 4
Last new broadcast
Wednesday 16th December 2015 on Channel 4 at 10pm
Length of episodes
30 minutes
Upcoming repeats
  1. Series 9 Episode 3: Today at 10:40pm on Gold
  2. Series 9 Episode 4: Today at 11:15pm on Gold
  3. Series 9 Episode 3: Tomorrow at 2:55am on Gold
  4. Series 9 Episode 4: Tomorrow at 3:25am on Gold
  5. Series 9 Episode 5: Monday at 11:40pm on Gold
  6. Series 9 Episode 6: Tuesday at 12:15am on Gold
  7. Series 1 Episode 1: Tuesday at 11:30pm on Gold
  8. Series 1 Episode 2: Wednesday at 12:05am on Gold
  9. Series 1 Episode 1: Wednesday at 3:05am on Gold
  10. Series 1 Episode 2: Wednesday at 3:30am on GoldShow all repeats
  11. Series 1 Episode 3: Wednesday at 11:20pm on Gold
  12. Series 1 Episode 4: Wednesday at 11:55pm on Gold
  13. Series 1 Episode 3: Thursday at 3:05am on Gold
  14. Series 1 Episode 4: Thursday at 3:35am on Gold
  15. Series 1 Episode 5: Thursday at 11pm on Gold
  16. Series 1 Episode 6: Thursday at 11:35pm on Gold
  17. Series 1 Episode 5: Friday 24th September at 2:50am on Gold
  18. Series 1 Episode 6: Friday 24th September at 3:15am on Gold
  19. Series 2 Episode 3: Saturday 25th September at 12:30am on Gold
  20. Series 2 Episode 2: Saturday 25th September at 1:05am on Gold
  21. Series 2 Episode 4: Tuesday 28th September at 12:20am on Gold
  22. Series 2 Episode 5: Tuesday 28th September at 12:55am on Gold
  23. Series 2 Episode 4: Tuesday 28th September at 3:35am on Gold
  24. Series 2 Episode 6: Tuesday 28th September at 11pm on Gold
  25. Series 3 Episode 1: Tuesday 28th September at 11:35pm on Gold
  26. Series 2 Episode 6: Wednesday 29th September at 2:45am on Gold
  27. Series 3 Episode 1: Wednesday 29th September at 3:15am on Gold
  28. Series 3 Episode 2: Wednesday 29th September at 11:05pm on Gold
  29. Series 3 Episode 3: Wednesday 29th September at 11:35pm on Gold
  30. Series 3 Episode 2: Thursday 30th September at 2:40am on Gold
  31. Series 3 Episode 3: Thursday 30th September at 3:05am on Gold
  32. Series 3 Episode 4: Thursday 30th September at 11pm on Gold
  33. Series 3 Episode 5: Thursday 30th September at 11:30pm on Gold
  34. Series 3 Episode 4: Friday 1st October at 2:30am on Gold
  35. Series 3 Episode 5: Friday 1st October at 2:55am on Gold
  36. Series 3 Episode 6: Friday 1st October at 11pm on Gold
  37. Series 4 Episode 1: Friday 1st October at 11:30pm on Gold
  38. Series 3 Episode 6: Saturday 2nd October at 2:15am on Gold
  39. Series 4 Episode 1: Saturday 2nd October at 2:45am on Gold

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