Jolyon Rubinstein.

An Idiot's Guide To Politics

BBC Three comedy. 1 episode in 2015. Stars Jolyon Rubinstein.

An Idiot's Guide To Politics

Jolyon Rubinstein investigates Magna Carta and proposes an updated version for the 21st Century

BBC Three
Jolyon Rubinstein

Comedian Jolyon Rubinstein is on a mission. He wants to find out why the Facebook generation is so disengaged from politics.

With the general election just around the corner, according to a recent survey less than a quarter of under 25s plan to vote. Is this just apathy and ignorance? Or is something else going on? The film is packed with stunts, pranks and some pretty serious interviews in which Jolyon seeks to find the answers.

On the way he takes a fire engine armed with fireproof underpants to Conservative Party HQ; visits UKIP HQ to use his lie detecting test to help Nigel Farage root out members hiding a BNP past; takes a union leader a statue of Ed Miliband as Wallace to thank him for getting Ed elected Labour leader - a present from the Conservatives; and tries to raise £50k to have dinner with the PM - it's the going rate for Tory Party donors, he learns.

Is it broken promises by politicians and big money in politics that are so eroding the trust of the younger generation?

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