Families At War

BBC One comedy game show. 9 episodes (pilot + 1 series), 1998 - 1999. Stars Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer and Alice Beer.

Families At War

Comedy game show from Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, pitting families with bizarre skills against each other

1998 - 1999
9   (1 pilot + 1 series)
Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer and Alice Beer
Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer
John L Spencer
Lisa Clark

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer present a game show featuring a series of unique and downright bizarre challenges carried out by two opposing family teams. The action is overseen by Watchdog's Alice Beer.

The families face off in three rounds in which they demonstrate various skills. After each round, the 12 members of the jury vote on which family has won. After those three rounds, the family with the most votes plays the final game, The Cubiscus, in which their team captain - either Vic or Bob - is dressed like a spider and strapped to a harness, where their family controls their movement and they collect the prizes perched on the podiums inside the cube.

If, during the rounds, the team captain of the opposing team wears a challenge garment, then they can give that family member an extra challenge to do. The challenge garment can only be worn once by each team captain in each episode.

Production Details

Production company
Music by Pete Baikie.
Laugh track
Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Saturday 29th August 1998 on BBC One at 8:15pm
Last new broadcast
Saturday 29th May 1999 on BBC One at 5:50pm

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