The Ghost Train. Image shows left to right: Saul Hodgkin (Herbert Lomas), Tommy Gander (Arthur Askey)
The Ghost Train

The Ghost Train (1942)

  • 1942 film

Comedy thriller following a disparate group of passengers who become stranded at a remote railway station overnight. Stars Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch, Kathleen Harrison, Peter Murray-Hill, Carole Lynne and more.

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The Ghost Train. Image shows left to right: Train Guard (Sidney Monckton), Tommy Gander (Arthur Askey)

Key details

Arnold Ridley
Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch, Kathleen Harrison, Peter Murray-Hill, Carole Lynne, Morland Graham, Betty Jardine, Stuart Latham and more
Val Guest, Marriott Edgar, Sidney Gilliat and J.O.C. Orton
Walter Forde
Edward Black

A varied group of passengers heading through Cornwall by rail find themselves stranded at a remote junction station overnight, their delayed train having missed the final connection of the day to complete their onward journey. Amongst them is a blonde beauty, Jackie, and her retired sportsman partner, R.G.; comedian Tommy Gander; a heavy-drinking doctor; an elderly woman visiting relatives; and a couple due to be married the next day.

Horrified at the realisation the next train is more than nine hours away, the group seek a little comfort inside the station building, but the station master is soon trying to hurry them out so he can lock up for the night. Initially only too happy to find more becoming lodgings, they baulk at the discovery that the nearest village is some four miles away - and, typically, a storm has just set in, with howling winds and lashing rain.

Refusing to budge, the master gives them one last thought of warning before he departs: tale of a ghost train and the station's haunting. For some forty-three years ago an express hurtled through down the line, only to meet its watery doom at a nearby swing-bridge, left open when the man who was supposed to close it collapsed and died before completing his crucial task.

And it just so happens that the fearsome disaster happened on that very night...

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Additional details

UK certificate
85 minutes
Late 1941


Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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Recording details

  • Gaumont-British Studios - Shepherds Bush

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