Mrs. Thursday. Mrs. Thursday (Kathleen Harrison). Copyright: Associated Television

Kathleen Harrison is an actor.

Year Production Role
1973 Spring & Autumn - Series 1
  1. E4 - Episode Four
1967 Mrs. Thursday - Series 3 Mrs. Thursday
1966 Mrs. Thursday - Series 2 Mrs. Thursday
1966 Mrs. Thursday - Series 1 Mrs. Thursday
1963 Shamrot Woman
1963 The Fast Lady Mrs Staggers
1961 On The Fiddle Mrs. Olga Cooksley
1958 The Big Money Mrs. Frith
1956 It's A Wonderful World Miss Gilly
1955 All For Mary Nannie Cartwright
1952 The Happy Family Lilian Lord
1947 Holiday Camp Mrs. Huggett
1941 I Thank You Kathleen, the Cook
1941 The Ghost Train Miss Bourne
1938 Convict 99 Mabel
1935 Dandy Dick Jane the Maid

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