The Fast Lady. Image shows from L to R: Clare Chingford (Julie Christie), Freddy Fox (Leslie Phillips), Murdoch Troon (Stanley Baxter). Copyright: Independent Artists.

The Fast Lady

Cyclist Murdoch Troon is encouraged to double his wheel-count for the affections of a beautiful girl - however, her father could be a greater obstacle

James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips, Stanley Baxter, Kathleen Harrison, Julie Christie, Eric Barker, Fred Emney, Monsewer Eddie Gray and others
Keble Howard, Jack Davies and Henry Blyth
Ken Annakin
Julian Wintle and Leslie Parkyn

When enthusiastic cyclist Murdoch Troon refuses to allow a car to pass him on the road, little does he know that the driver is the stern father of the girl with whom he is about to fall in love.

Encouraged by her love of fast cars - not to mention the men who drive them - and his second-hand car salesman fellow lodger Freddy Fox, Murdoch purchases a vintage Bentley named The Fast Lady, and begins to learn to drive.

Unfortunately, the obstinate Scot does not take instruction well, nor does he care to listen to even the most friendly of advice: will he ever learn to drive? Will he win around the beautiful Clare's father? And indeed, will Clare stick around in case he does?

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