On The Fiddle. Copyright: S.Benjamin Fisz Productions.

On The Fiddle

On The Fiddle

Forces comedy starring Alfred Lynch as a wide-boy desperate to make a bit of money and avoid conflict at all costs

Alfred Lynch, Sean Connery, Cecil Parker, Wilfred Hyde White, Stanley Holloway, Kathleen Harrison, Alan King, Eleanor Summerfield and others
R.F. Delderfield and Harold Buchman
Cyril Frankel
Benjamin Fisz

The war is in full swing and London wide-boy Horace Pope is horrified when he's tricked into signing up to the RAF by a wily court-room judge. Pope quickly finds a friend in Pedlar Pascoe, a slow-witted but big-hearted willing serviceman of gypsy origin.

Pedlar had joined up with the full intention of seeing combat, but Pope has no such desires. He quickly begins putting his gift of the gab and knack for spotting a money-making opportunity to use, and the pair - now near inseparable - begin the rounds of British RAF bases, always making sure they stay one step ahead of their transfer papers to the front!

Through a series of craftily engineered postings, the loveable duo keep moving around the country for a good few years before an equally world-wise American Sergeant, Buzzer, catches up with them and serves them with a transfer to France - where they encounter the enemy at far closer quarters, and with a far more surprising outcome, than they could have ever begun to imagine.

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