Carry On England. Cpt. S. Melly (Kenneth Connor). Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions.

Carry On England

1976 British comedy film about a mixed-sex military camp. Stars Kenneth Connor, Windsor Davies, Judy Geeson, Patrick Mower, Jack Douglas and others.

Carry On England. Image shows from L to R: Maj. Butcher (Julian Holloway), Sgt. Tilly Willing (Judy Geeson), Unknown, Pte. Jennifer Ffoukes-Sharpe (Joan Sims), Pte. Alice Easy (Diane Langton). Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions.

Carry On England

Captain S Melly is put in charge of a troublesome mixed-sex anti-aircraft battery during World War II, tasked with getting the troops into shape

Kenneth Connor, Windsor Davies, Judy Geeson, Patrick Mower, Jack Douglas, Joan Sims, Melvyn Hayes, Peter Butterworth and others
David Pursall and Jack Seddon
Gerald Thomas
Peter Rogers

It is 1940 and the height of the Second World War. Somewhere in the south of England, Captain S. Melly has been sent to an experimental mixed-sex anti-aircraft battery. His mission? To instil a sense of order in the troops, who are more concerned with capturing the opposite sex than the enemy.

Melly's unforgiving attempts to whip his men and women into shape are met with a brick wall of in-cooperation, however. It seems the recruits of 1313 battery are more than happy with their cushy life just as it is, thank you very much: the only action they're concerned with engaging in is in the bedroom!

Despite the best endeavours of Melly's second-in-command, Sergeant Major Bloomer, the two groups - lead by Sgt. Tilly Willing and Sgt. Leonard Able - prove as unbending for him as they have been for his predecessors and attempt every trick in the book, from feigning illness to sabotaging their new commander's clothing.

Meanwhile, German planes are coming into view - not the best of news for an anti-aircraft installation that has yet to receive an anti-aircraft gun!

Production Details

It's the biggest BANG of the war!
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Carry On Films

UK certificate
88 minutes
Release date
Wednesday 24th November 1976

The Rank Organisation

Production company
Also known as
  • Carry On Banging (Mistaken name in some contemporary press)
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Sunday 30th December 2012 at 1:20am on BBC2

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