Cheer Up!. Image shows from L to R: Tom (Stanley Lupino), Sally Gray (Sally Gray). Copyright: Stanley Lupino Productions
Cheer Up!

Cheer Up!

  • 1936 comedy

An aspiring playwright and composer hoping to gain backing for their musical attempt to befriend a top West End producer. Stars Stanley Lupino, Sally Gray, Roddy Hughes, Wyn Weaver, Marjorie Chard and more.

Key details

Stanley Lupino
Stanley Lupino, Sally Gray, Roddy Hughes, Wyn Weaver, Marjorie Chard, Ernest Sefton, Gerald Barry, Kenneth Kove and more
Michael Barringer
Leo Mittler
Stanley Lupino

Actor and playwright Tom Denham and his best friend, composer Dick Dirk, are down to their last few pennies. Having penned what they believe to be a fantastic new musical, London Town, they are desperately in search of some luck - preferably in the form of financial backing to produce the piece.

Recognising one of the City's most famous financial traders, a Mr. Carter, in the street, the pair quickly befriend the jolly elderly gent only to be informed on the quiet by a waiter that he in fact lost everything just a couple of weeks beforehand.

Meanwhile, out of work actress Sally Gray is equally down on her luck, chasing advertisements for work as a maid in a well-to-do house. Turning up at the right street but on completely the wrong side of town, one homeowner takes pity on the emotional young girl and takes her on.

For Tom and Dick, things look up when they find out that one of the world's most in-demand theatrical producers is in town, and head to his hotel in hope of a chance meeting.

If only things were quite that easy...

Additional details

UK certificate
72 minutes
Black and white
Music composed by Billy Mayerl, Val Guest and Noel Gay. Lyrics by Frank Eyton, Stanley Lupino and Desmond Carter. Arranged and performed by Percy Mackey and his orchestra.

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