The Midnight Beast. Image shows from L to R: Dru (Andrew Wakely), Stef (Stefan Abingdon), Ash (Ashley Horne). Copyright: Warp Films / Cuba Comedy
The Midnight Beast

The Midnight Beast

  • TV sitcom
  • E4
  • 2012 - 2014
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

E4 sitcom about life on the breadline for a struggling London band, from musical YouTube stars The Midnight Beast. Stars Stefan Abingdon, Andrew Wakely, Ashley Horne, Ryan Pope, Sophie Wu and more.

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2012 - 2014
12 (2 series)
Stefan Abingdon, Andrew Wakely, Ashley Horne, Ryan Pope, Sophie Wu, Simon Farnaby, Julia Deakin, Esther Smith and Ria Zmitrowicz
Jason Hazeley, Nathan Auerbach, Daniel Berg, Daran Johnson, Joe Parham, Joel Morris, Tom Edge, Stefan Abingdon and more
Ben Gregor and Al Campbell
Mary Burke, James Dean, Robin Gutch, Alex Marshall, Cathy Mason and Rachel Mason

E4 brings The Midnight Beast (aka Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne) to TV.

The Midnight Beast are bona fide internet sensations, with thousands of followers and subscribers on facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They became a global phenomenon thanks to their parody of Tik Tok by Ke$ha. The group have so far notched up a staggering 40+ million hits on YouTube.

See their videos here

This sitcom features the band members alongside a host of comedic guest stars, who are depicted as wannabe musicians struggling to make it.

Other characters include Sloman, their perverse neighbour; Chevy, their iniquitous manager; and Zoe, Stef's long-suffering girlfriend.

As well as slipping into wild music videos, the series sees the band having to cope with day-to-day challenges like sharing a dingy East London flat, trying to impress girls when they have no cash, and working out who has to sleep on the kitchen floor.

The series charts their failures and successes as they try to claw and hobble through a sea of bizarre obstacles and unsavoury characters toward pop stardom.

Series 2 (for 2014): This time the band had fallen on hard times and are having to earn their keep in an ex-Bingo Hall run by a fearsome 'EastEnd Granny' and her two grand-daughters. As the Beasts live in hope of one day becoming the venue's house band, their lives will once again be thrown into mayhem and push them to their limits.

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First broadcast
Thursday 5th July 2012 at 10pm on E4
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