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2011 - 2012
BBC Radio 4
10 (2 series)
Mark Benton, Claire Skinner, Rosamund Hanson, Tyger Drew-Honey, Javone Prince, Justin Edwards, Michael Legge, Navin Chowdhry and more
Andrew Collins
Anna Madley

Harvey Easter is a 46-year old optimist living in North Surrey whose life throws at him many reasons to be miserable or pessimistic. However, his pathological ability to see the bright side pulls him through while all around is falling apart.

Husband, father, son and tone deaf piano salesman; Harvey manages to see the glass as half full, even when all around him seems to be falling apart. However, this attitude is his downfall as Jacqui (aka Jax), his wife of 19 years, has discovered.

The way Jax sees it, instead of dealing with the problems of their marriage and the two kids, Harvey's optimism is actually his way of avoiding engagement with the big issues.

Even when life deals Harvey and the Easter family a series of sadistic blows - be it a terminal illness, a perpetually unfinished extension, a racist mum coming to stay, a missing cat called Lucky or a Nazi neighbour, Harvey looks on the positive side.

In Series 2, the recession has hit the Easter family hard. Harvey finds himself faced with a home in economic lockdown as Jax draws up a series of austerity measures; his distraught teenage daughter Charlie is forced to put her lavish wedding plans on hold to grime DJ fiancée Kill-R; and youngest son Robbie starts experimenting with drugs.

Tensions mount as Harvey's racist 76 year old mum Lou comes to stay when her Italian plumber boyfriend dies, but how long will her visit last? And why won't Harvey's best friend Ray introduce them to his new girlfriend?

Harvey's days as Junior Deputy Assistant Sales Manager at a Ringfence-Upon-Thames piano shop (soon to be renamed Sean's Super Synths) must surely be numbered too, and his wife is dangerously close to taking her new career move with hunky builder Rakesh to the next stage... yet in the midst of all this economic family turmoil, Harvey's optimism remains steadfast, convinced that positive thinking reaps dividends.

Mr Blue Sky is about one man battling to remain positive in moments of crisis, and one woman battling to live with someone who has his head in the clouds.

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Closing credits are ELO's Mr Blue Sky, recorded by Jim Bob.

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Monday 16th May 2011 at 11:30am on BBC Radio 4
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