Nuns On The Run. Image shows from L to R: Charlie McManus (Robbie Coltrane), Brian Hope (Eric Idle). Copyright: Hand Made Films.

Nuns On The Run

1990 British comedy film about two crooks trying to go straight. Stars Eric Idle, Robbie Coltrane, Camille Coduri, Lila Kaye, Robert Patterson and others.

On TV on Wednesday 4th August at 12:20am on Film4

Nuns On The Run. Image shows from L to R: Brian Hope (Eric Idle), Charlie McManus (Robbie Coltrane). Copyright: Hand Made Films.

Nuns On The Run

Film starring Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane as a pair of gangsters desperate to go straight, against their gang boss's wishes

Eric Idle, Robbie Coltrane, Camille Coduri, Lila Kaye, Robert Patterson, Doris Hare, Tom Hickey, Winston Dennis and others
Jonathan Lynn
Jonathan Lynn
Simon Bosanquet and Michael White

Comic adventure caper starring Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle as gangsters Charlie McManus and Brian Hope.

Bank-robbing masters, the pair have nevertheless grown tired of the game since their firm was taken over by new boss Casey - his brash yuppie persona and insistence on using actual guns and violence rather than mere intimidation lacks the style that the pair used to enjoy.

Following the accidental shooting of one of the gang at an otherwise routine, successful bank job, Brian and Charlie decide they've taken their last valiums and have to leave - but you can't just quit Casey's gang.

Retiring to a local casino to collect his thoughts, Brian bumps into a gorgeous young waitress, Faith, and the pair instantly hit it off. Struggling for money and having grown disillusioned with her present employment (the casino is owned by mobsters!), Brian arranges for her to take a waitressing job at Casey's business front - a west London health club.

On one of her first shifts, and still unaware of the business in which her boyfriend and employer are involved, Faith overhears Casey informing two of his other heavies that, after alleviating a Chinese triad gang who've started operating on his patch of their latest haul, both Brian and Charlie should be wasted. Scared for her lover's safety, she rushes out to warn him but only arrives as the inter-gang heist is being pulled off.

In a confused, open-street situation with car bombs, knives, abandoned vehicles, guns and cleavers, Faith is shot. Charlie and Brian make it away with £1 million in triad drug money, and hide behind the nearest door they can find - if only it didn't turn out to be a nunnery!

Trapped inside the Catholic institution and disguised as visiting Sisters, the pair must wait until the trail has cooled sufficiently for them to break cover. But can they keep the money safe? Will Faith be ok, and will the lovers be reunited? And just how will they make a getaway to Brazil...?

Production Details

UK certificate
92 minutes
Release date
Friday 4th May 1990
Production company
Laugh track

Broadcast details

Upcoming repeats
  1. Wednesday 4th August at 12:20am on Film4

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