Marion And Geoff. Keith Barret (Rob Brydon).

Marion And Geoff

BBC Two and BBC One sitcom about a divorcee. 16 episodes (2 series), 2000 - 2003. Stars Rob Brydon.

Marion And Geoff. Keith Barret (Rob Brydon).

Marion And Geoff

Rob Brydon plays the taxi driver who is obsessed with his wife's elopement

2000 - 2003
BBC Two, BBC One
16   (2 series), plus 1 Comic Relief special
Rob Brydon and Hugo Blick
Rob Brydon
Rob Brydon and Hugo Blick
Hugo Blick
Hugo Blick

Created by Rob Brydon and Hugo Blick, the programme features Keith Barret, a taxi driver estranged from his wife, Marion, and children, Rhys and Alun. Although it's clear the separation is having a devastating effect on him, he's determined - to the point of near insanity - to remain positive. "I don't look at it as losing a wife," he says, reflecting on Marion's relationship with colleague Geoff, "I look at it as gaining a friend."

Despite his chirpy testimony, it's clear Marion is behaving in an incredibly cruel fashion, turning his beloved children ("my little smashers") against their dad.

By the second series, Keith's relationship with Marion has, if anything, deteriorated since we last saw him. He's been denied access to his kids, and has turned to social services to negotiate visiting rights.

Professionally, he's on the up, working as a chauffeur for an American couple and spending his days ferrying around their obnoxious son Fisher.

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First broadcast
Tuesday 26th September 2000 on BBC Two at 9:50pm
Last new broadcast
Wednesday 5th March 2003 on BBC Two at 10pm
Last repeat
Wednesday 12th August 2015 at 1:35am on Gold

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