Rising Damp. Image shows from L to R: Rupert Rigsby (Leonard Rossiter), Ruth Jones (Frances de la Tour). Copyright: Black Lion Films.

Rising Damp

Film adaptation of the popular ITV sitcom. Middle-aged Rigsby plays landlord to college tutor Ruth Jones, medical student Philip and art student John

Leonard Rossiter, Frances de la Tour, Don Warrington, Christopher Strauli, Denholm Elliott, Carrie Jones, Glynn Edwards, John Cater and others
Eric Chappell
Joe McGrath
Roy Skeggs and Brian Lawrence

Rigsby is the owner of a sleazy boarding house whose tenants include Philip, a black medical student, and Ruth Jones, a tutor at the local college upon whom Rigsby has set his sights. Following the departure of recent tenant Alan, his place in the house is quickly snapped up by art student John.

Unfortunately for Rigsby, Miss Jones, somewhere in her 30s, finds fellow tenant and African prince, Philip far more to her liking; and unfortunately for Miss Jones, Philip would far rather spend his time alone or with new room-mate John! The sole purpose in John's life, meanwhile, seems to be losing his virginity to girlfriend Sandra.

The fragile romantic alliances and balance of power in the house are upset when the well-spoken Mr Seymour arrives in search of a room. Miss Jones quickly falls for the suave newcomer, and he for her savings book!

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