Value For Money. Ruthine West (Diana Dors)
Value For Money

Value For Money

  • 1955 film

Comedy about money, romance, and one young Yorkshireman's discovery that the grass is not always greener. Stars John Gregson, Diana Dors, Susan Stephen, Derek Farr, Frank Pettingell and more.

Value For Money. Image shows from L to R: Ruthine West (Diana Dors), Ethel (Susan Stephen), Chayley Broadbent (John Gregson). Copyright: ITV Studios

Key details

John Gregson, Diana Dors, Susan Stephen, Derek Farr, Frank Pettingell, Charles Victor, Ernest Thesiger, Hal Osmond and more
Derrick Boothroyd, William Fairchild and R.F. Delderfield
Ken Annakin
Sergei Nolbandov and Earl St. John

Upon the death of his stereotypically penny-pinching Yorkshire businessman father, well-meaning but impressionable young man Chayley Broadbent inherits both a significant sum and ownership of the family company, operating in the cloth and rag trade.

Unfortunately for Chayley, his father is barely cold before he begins hearing his words of 'wisdom' echoing in his ears - particularly those advising strongly against marriage, much to the continued consternation of his long-term girlfriend, local newspaper reporter Ethel, who demands he learn to relax and have fun.

Convinced by some friends to join a large party of local men on a daytrip to London to see the cup final and take in a leading revue, Broadbent hesitantly pays for his ticket and travels south, soon having the time of his life, for once out of the reach of his father's impressions. Events in the city come to a head at the theatre when a beautiful dancer named Ruthine catches his eye, and when she invites him on stage to dance with her during an audience participation number, the Yorkshireman falls immediately in love.

Taking Ruthine out for dinner after the show the pair initially hit it off, but glamorous Ruthine is quickly embarrassed by Chayley's money-conscious manner, leaving the lovelorn lad to head home with his chums. To Ethel's continued annoyance, it's obvious to all that his mind is preoccupied with the dancer, and it's not long before he heads back south to propose marriage! Ruthine, however, does not feel the same and brushes him off as not having made anything of himself, and - with an eye on her future and the ruthless nature of showbusiness - her own desire to wed someone much richer.

Back at home, Chayley sets about changing his outlook - and doing his best to ignore the words of his father, continuing to ring in his ears - and do more than merely run a business, in hope of winning his glamorous London sweetheart around. He quickly arranges to take a seat as a local councillor and donates a valuable chunk of land for the construction of a new play centre for local children. When the mayor seeks a celebrity guest to open the new facility, young Chayley Broadbent knows exactly who to ask...

Additional details

UK certificate
89 minutes

The Rank Organisation

Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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Broadcast details

Most recent repeats
  • Tuesday 25th October 2022 at 10:00am on TPTV
  • Tuesday 5th April 2022 at 6:00am on TPTV
  • Friday 3rd September 2021 at 12:45pm on TPTV

Recording details

  • Pinewood Studios

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