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Alex Edelman's Peer Group. Alex Edelman.

Alex Edelman's Peer Group

BBC Radio 4 stand-up show in which Alex Edelman talks about millennials. 2 episodes (1 series) in 2017. Stars Alex Edelman.

Brand new comedy. Starts on today on Radio 4 at 11pm. Episode Guide

Alex Edelman's Peer Group

Alex Edelman returns to Radio 4 for another stand-up show on millennials

BBC Radio 4
2   (1 series)
Alex Edelman
Alex Edelman
Sam Michell

Following on from Alex Edelman: Millennial, award-winning comedian Alex Edelman makes his triumphant return to BBC Radio 4 with his brand new show, Peer Group.

The so-called Millennial generation - those born between 1982 and 1994 - has been much maligned in the press for being lazy, entitled, vain, venal, self-involved, easily offended little emperors. But Alex Edelman thinks these criticisms are baseless. So in Alex Edelman's Peer Group, he seeks to redress the balance.

Are millennials precious little snowflakes or are they far more robust than we give them credit for?

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