Alex Edelman's Peer Group. Alex Edelman. Copyright: BBC.

Alex Edelman's Peer Group

BBC Radio 4 stand-up show in which Alex Edelman talks about millennials. 6 episodes (2 series), 2017 - 2018. Stars Alex Edelman.

Press Clippings

Searching for more funny, I listened to US comedian Alex Edelman lampoon his own generation, those born between 1982 and 1992 and usually called millennials. His half-hour stand-up routine on Radio 4 (there's a second part next week) was nicely pointed at a UK audience, with jokes about Nigel Farage, The Inbetweeners and ITV2. God, there is such a beautiful slickness to US comedians. Edelman packs in the jokes and he sells them, hard. Nothing is shambolic, no line wasted or fluffed. It makes for a wonderfully easy, hilarious listen. I recommend.

Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian, 28th May 2017

Alex Edelman on Millennials

'Millennials are funny because they're so misunderstood'.

Alex Edelman, i Newspaper, 19th May 2017