Uncle Wormsley's Christmas. Image shows from L to R: Mrs. Goodington, Mr. Goodington. Copyright: Baby Cow Productions.

Uncle Wormsley's Christmas

Sky Atlantic comedy drama. 1 episode in 2012. Stars Julian Barratt, John Thomson, Julia Davis, Ben Baker and Steve Coogan.

Uncle Wormsley's Christmas

An animated cautionary tale with a dark heart. Narrated by Steve Coogan

Comedy Drama
Sky Atlantic
Julian Barratt, John Thomson, Julia Davis, Ben Baker and Steve Coogan
Joel Veitch and Tim Gallagher
Joel Veitch and David Shute
Tim Searle

Steve Coogan narrates a cautionary Christmas tale about love, greed and a giant crab.

Uncle Wormsley is a grey, decaying old man with cobweb-like hair and rotten fingernails. A solitary figure who keeps himself to himself, Wormsley dedicates his life to the care of his only friend, a monstrous crab called Crabsley, who lives in a dungeon under his house.

Across town from Wormsley lives Johnnie Goodington, a young boy whose parents are obscenely rich. Johnnie has everything money could buy, from a full-scale replica of NASA in his bedroom to his very own custom-built race car. Unfortunately, the one thing he wants more than anything else in the world is the one thing money can't buy: a giant crab.

With Christmas fast approaching and not a crustacean in sight, Johnnie's parents find themselves in a pinch, until an unexpected phone call offers a solution to their problems. Many people think the callers, the mysterious crab catchers do not exist, but those that do believe that using their services unleashes dark forces that can never been tamed. Johnnie may get his gift after all, but at what price?

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