What's Good For The Goose. Image shows from L to R: Timothy Bartlett (Norman Wisdom), Nikki (Sally Geeson).

What's Good For The Goose

What's Good For The Goose. Image shows from L to R: Nikki (Sally Geeson), Timothy Bartlett (Norman Wisdom).

What's Good For The Goose

Norman Wisdom stars as an assistant bank manager who has a wild induction into 1960s subculture when he's sent away by bosses to a bankers' conference

Norman Wisdom, Sally Geeson, Sarah Atkinson, Sally Bazely, Stuart Nichol, Derek Francis, Terence Alexander, Paul Whitsun-Jones and others
Menahem Golan, Norman Wisdom and Christopher Gilmore
Menahem Golan
Tony Tenser

When his boss is hospitalised, Assistant Bank Manager Timothy Bartlett is sent to take his place at the Executive Bankers' Conference at the seaside resort of Southport.

Tricked into picking up a couple of young female hitch-hikers on the drive up from London, Bartlett is soon taken on a whirlwind initiation of the permissive society, swinging Britain, and 1960s counter-culture.

Can the mild-mannered middle-Englander keep his head amongst this new care-free debauchery, or will he lose his mind to the beautiful and tempting but fluttery Nickie?

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