Looking On The Bright Side. Image shows from L to R: Oscar Schultz (Julian Rose), Gracie (Gracie Fields). Copyright: STUDIOCANAL
Looking On The Bright Side

Looking On The Bright Side

  • 1932 film

Musical romantic comedy about a singer and her composer sweetheart who finds themselves strained by success. Stars Gracie Fields, Julian Rose, Wyn Richmond, Richard Dolman, Bettina Montahners and more.

Looking On The Bright Side. Image shows from L to R: Josie Joy (Wyn Richmond), Laurie (Richard Dolman), Gracie (Gracie Fields), Oscar Schultz (Julian Rose)

Key details

Gracie Fields, Julian Rose, Wyn Richmond, Richard Dolman, Bettina Montahners, Betty Shale, Tony De Lungo and Viola Compton
Archie Pitt and Basil Dean
Basil Dean and Graham Cutts
Basil Dean and Archie Pitt

Ladies' hairdresser Laurie and his manicurist sweetheart Gracie share their true passion in music: he's an amateur but talented writer/composer, and she a popular singer amidst their working class community in west London.

The pair are over the moon, therefore, when he manages to get a song bought and published by a top London music publishing company, who are keen to hear more from this exciting new musical talent. The boss, impresario Oscar Schultz, is also very keen to sign Gracie to perform, both on stage and in recordings - but this Lancashire lass in London is far more comfortable keeping to her roots in the beauty world.

Whilst attending a party to celebrate Laurie's newfound success, he and Gracie fall out over their reactions to their change in circumstances, leaving Laurie to take a shine to one of Schultz's top talents, blonde beauty Josie Joy.

Hurt and lost, Gracie returns to work as normal whilst Laurie quits his position and begins writing in earnest; but it's not long before he comes to the harsh realisation that he cannot compose anything worthy of hearing without Gracie as his muse.

Believing this apparent new talent to have been a flash in the pan, Schultz is quick to drop Laurie, and although he attempts to make up with Gracie, his clumsy attempt at reconciliation only makes matters worse between the pair. Can she find reason to forgive him, rescue and revive his talents - and maybe, just maybe, find an outlet to share those of her own?

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Additional details

Can their love survive the pressures of success?
UK certificate
82 minutes
UK release
September 1932

Equity British Films

Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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Recording details

  • Ealing Studios

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