The Sunny. Joe (Iain Connell). Copyright: The Comedy Unit / Bold Yin
The Sunny

The Sunny

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two Scotland
  • 2014
  • 1 pilot

Sitcom pilot set in a community centre, starring Burnistoun creators Robert Florence and Iain Connell. Stars Robert Florence, Iain Connell, Paul Higgins, Aisling Bea, Jane McCarry and more.

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BBC Two Scotland
1 Pilot
Robert Florence, Iain Connell, Paul Higgins, Aisling Bea, Jane McCarry, Stephen McCole, Barbara Rafferty, Graeme Stevely and more
Iain Connell and Robert Florence
Iain Davidson
Iain Davidson, Ewan Angus, Gregor Sharp and Rab Christie

The Sunshine Centre Community Halls, otherwise known as The Sunny, is a cultural and social hub in a particularly rainy housing scheme on the outskirts of Glasgow. A venue to some, a haven to others.

The Sunny is a warm sitcom celebration of life, friendship, patter and early evening yoga classes.

Margaret makes sure the door is always open at The Sunny and for regulars Joe, Wullie, Emma, Kris and Haircut it's the centre of the known universe. It's more than just a place to let off steam and get out of the rain. It's a necessity. A sanctuary.

But it's not all empathy, cuddles and cups of tea. Step out of line or show the wrong attitude and your trainers might just end up in the toaster. As Charlie Dolan discovers when he returns to The Sunny after a stint in the big smoke, London.

Once Charlie's band, the Shoe Ponies, were the toast of the pop scene - now he's back home with his tail between his legs. But a new start isn't guaranteed at The Sunny.

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First broadcast
Sunday 19th October 2014 at 10pm on BBC Two Scotland
Episode length
30 minutes

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