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Reggie Perrin. Reggie Perrin (Martin Clunes). Copyright: Objective Productions.

Reggie Perrin

BBC One sitcom. 12 episodes (2 series), 2009 - 2010. Stars Martin Clunes, Fay Ripley, Lucy Liemann, Kerry Howard, Jim Howick, Nick Mohammed, Susan Earl and others.

Reggie Perrin

BBC1 revival of the 1970s comedy. Written by Simon Nye and original creator David Nobbs. Martin Clunes plays the frustrated businessman

2009 - 2010
12   (2 series)
Martin Clunes, Fay Ripley, Lucy Liemann, Kerry Howard, Jim Howick, Nick Mohammed, Susan Earl, Neil Stuke and others
David Nobbs and Simon Nye
Tristram Shapeero and Dominic Brigstocke
Ben Farrell and Charlie Hanson

Revival of the 1970s sitcom The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin by creator David Nobbs and Men Behaving Badly writer Simon Nye.

Reggie Perrin retells the story of a sales executive on the edge. An average man finding it increasingly difficult to put up with the monotony of life, the disappointing marriage, the office grind and the daily commute.

Rebellion begins to build in his mind, in the form of increasingly surreal flights of fancy. And, slowly, Reggie begins to say what he really thinks, to his wife, to his boss, to his fellow commuters... and, most dangerously of all, to his new colleague, the beautiful Jasmine Strauss.

Executive producer Phil Clarke told Broadcast magazine that the aim of this project (Objective's first studio sitcom and its first comedy commission for BBC1) was to deliver an accessible family show for a pre-watershed slot.

Martin Clunes plays the lead character, and an impressive cast list, including Wendy Craig and Geoffrey Whitehead, provide ensemble support.

Clarke continues: "Reggie's still a man in crisis with the modern world, but what's interesting is to look at where the world has changed since the 1970s and where it hasn't. He doesn't, for example, dictate memos to his secretary... he uses email. It's an opportunity to comment on the modern world without being heavy-handed."

The second series finds suburban sales executive Reggie back from the brink with a new zest for his once monotonous life. But will Reggie's ideas for a new way of life appeal to his wife Nicola, who is already at breaking point?

As Reggie tries to slam the door on his old life, can he rid himself of those surreal flights of fancy? And could Reggie's ideas really bring him the fulfilment he seeks?

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