Minder. Image shows from L to R: Arthur Daley (George Cole), Terry (Dennis Waterman).


ITV and Channel 5 comedy drama about the London underworld. 114 episodes (11 series), 1979 - 2009. Stars Dennis Waterman, George Cole, Shane Richie, Glynn Edwards and others.

Series 2, Episode 5 is repeated on ITV4 tomorrow at 1:35am.

Minder. Arthur Daley (George Cole).


Long-running comedy drama about the London criminal underworld, focusing on dodgy entrepreneur Arthur Daley and his 'minder', Terry

Comedy Drama
1979 - 2009
ITV, Channel 5
114   (11 series)
Leon Griffiths
Dennis Waterman, George Cole, Shane Richie, Glynn Edwards, Gary Webster and Lex Shrapnel
Leon Griffiths and Tim Loane

Production Details

Production companies
Theme tune composed by Gerard Kenny with lyrics written by Patricia Waterman, and performed by then-husband Dennis Waterman. Incidental music composed and conducted by Robert Sharples.
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 29th October 1979 on ITV at 9pm
Last new broadcast
Wednesday 11th March 2009 on Channel 5 at 9pm
Length of episodes
1 hour
Upcoming repeats
  1. Series 2 Episode 5: Tomorrow at 1:35am on ITV4
  2. Series 2 Episode 7: Tomorrow at 9:55am on ITV4
  3. Series 2 Episode 8: Tomorrow at 4:50pm on ITV4
  4. Series 2 Episode 8: Tuesday at 10:05am on ITV4
  5. Series 2 Episode 9: Wednesday at 9:55am on ITV4
  6. Series 2 Episode 10: Wednesday at 4:55pm on ITV4
  7. Series 2 Episode 10: Thursday at 9:55am on ITV4
  8. Series 2 Episode 11: Thursday at 4:55pm on ITV4
  9. Series 2 Episode 10: Friday at 1:55am on ITV4
  10. Series 2 Episode 11: Friday at 9:55am on ITV4Show all repeats
  11. Series 2 Episode 12: Friday at 4:50pm on ITV4
  12. Series 2 Episode 11: Monday 27th September at 2am on ITV4
  13. Series 2 Episode 12: Monday 27th September at 9:55am on ITV4
  14. Series 2 Episode 13: Monday 27th September at 4:55pm on ITV4
  15. Series 2 Episode 11: Tuesday 28th September at 1:55am on ITV4
  16. Series 2 Episode 13: Tuesday 28th September at 9:55am on ITV4
  17. Series 3 Episode 1: Tuesday 28th September at 4:50pm on ITV4
  18. Series 3 Episode 1: Wednesday 29th September at 9:45am on ITV4
  19. Series 3 Episode 2: Wednesday 29th September at 4:50pm on ITV4
  20. Series 3 Episode 2: Thursday 30th September at 9:50am on ITV4
  21. Series 3 Episode 3: Thursday 30th September at 4:50pm on ITV4
  22. Series 3 Episode 3: Friday 1st October at 9:55am on ITV4
  23. Series 3 Episode 4: Friday 1st October at 4:50pm on ITV4

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