Minder. Arthur Daley (George Cole)

George Cole OBE was an actor from London who rose to fame in the 1950s under the tutelage of Alastair Sim, with whom he had lived since 1941 when they first appeared in a film together. He became best known for a number of petty criminal roles, typified by Arthur Daley in the long-running ITV comedy drama series Minder.

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Wednesday 22nd April 1925
Wednesday 5th August 2015
George Cole OBE


BAFTA Television Awards 1985
Best Actor: Nominee
BAFTA Television Awards 1983
Best Actor: Nominee


Year Production Role
2007 The Dinner Party George
1999 Dad - Series 2 Brian Hook
1997 Dad - Series 1 Brian Hook
1996 My Good Friend - Series 2 Peter Banks
1995 My Good Friend - Series 1 Peter Banks
1992 Root Into Europe Henry Root
1990 Life After Life Actor
1986 Comrade Dad - Series 1 Reg Dudgeon
1985 Blott On The Landscape Sir Giles
1984 Comrade Dad - Pilot Reg Dudgeon
1983 The Bounder - Series 2 Trevor Mountjoy
1982 The Bounder - Series 1 Trevor Mountjoy
1979 Minder - Series 1 Arthur Daley
1978 The Good Life - When I'm 65
  1. When I'm 65
Mr. Downs
1977 Don't Forget To Write! - Series 1 Gordon Maple
1975 Lloyd George Knew My Father Hubert Boothroyd MP
1969 A Life Of Bliss - Series 7 David Bliss
1967 A Life Of Bliss - Series 6 David Bliss
1966 The End Of The Tunnel Charles
1966 The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery Flash Harry
1961 A Life Of Bliss - Series 2 David Bliss
1960 The Pure Hell Of St. Trinian's Flash Harry
1960 A Life Of Bliss - Series 1 David Bliss
1959 Too Many Crooks Fingers
1958 A Life Of Bliss - Series 5 David Bliss
1957 Blue Murder At St. Trinian's Flash Harry
1957 A Life Of Bliss - Series 4 David Bliss
1956 The Green Man William Blake
1956 It's A Wonderful World Ken Millar
1955 A Life Of Bliss - Series 3 David Bliss
1954 The Belles Of St. Trinian's Flash Harry
1954 A Life Of Bliss - Series 2 David Bliss
1954 Happy Ever After Terence
1953 Will Any Gentleman...? Henry Stirling
1953 A Life Of Bliss - Series 1 David Bliss
1952 Lady Godiva Rides Again Johnny West
1952 The Happy Family Cyril
1952 Top Secret George Potts
1951 Laughter In Paradise Herbert Russell
1950 The Happiest Days Of Your Life Junior Assistant Caretaker

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