Joe Wilkinson
A Family Affair

A Family Affair

  • 2022 film

South African-British comedy feature about a country retreat in financial difficulty and the family that own it. Stars Joe Wilkinson, Colin Hoult, Laura Aikman, Jane Asher, Michael Maxwell and more.

  • This film project is currently in development

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Joe Wilkinson, Colin Hoult, Laura Aikman, Jane Asher, Michael Maxwell, David Sherwood and Jazzara Jaslyn
Warren Fischer
Warren Fischer

Husband and wife Edward and Helen have invested in a quaint country manor house that they operate as a silent, spiritual retreat. But after months of poor performance and scathing online reviews, the bank is threatening to foreclose on the property.

Unbeknownst to Helen, these threats have culminated in a public auction of the house which could ruin the fortieth wedding anniversary of her parents, Margaret and Walter. Meanwhile, Albert, Edward's father, supposedly mourning the recent loss of his wife, arrives at the celebrations with a much younger date, who takes an instant fancy to Walter, mistakenly believing him to be old-moneyed.

Edward suspects some of the guests may actually be buyers and has to stave off the threat of losing the house while trying to placate his difficult mother-in-law, who never seems to have liked him. Fortunately, Rhys, the retreat's resident spiritual guru, brings some calm to the situation in the form of a really strong "organic" sedative.

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