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Clockwise. Brian Stimpson (John Cleese).


Manic comedy about the misadventures of an obsessively punctual comprehensive school headmaster, starring John Cleese

John Cleese, Penelope Wilton, Alison Steadman, Stephen Moore, Joan Hickson, Benjamin Whitrow, Geoffrey Palmer, Michael Aldridge and others
Michael Frayn
Christopher Morahan
Michael Codron, Verity Lambert and Nat Cohen

If you've ever been late you'll know what this film is all about...

Clockwise tells the farcical tale of headmaster Brian Stimpson and his efforts to get across the country to a Headmasters' Conference, where he is to be the conference's first ever chairman from a state school.

Normally used to running his life with clockwork precision, he soon finds that his perfectly planned schedule comes crashing down around him, resulting in a series of escalating disasters.

Suddenly, Brian finds he is wanted by the police for car theft, kidnapping, trespassing, vandalism, car-jacking and robbery; all because of one wrong turn and his insistence to always be on time.

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