Bill Nighy.

Made In Italy

New British comedy film in development. Stars Bill Nighy and Jack Lowden.

This film project is in development

Made In Italy

Film starring Bill Nighy and Jack Lowden as a father and son trying to sell a house in Italy

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Bill Nighy and Jack Lowden
James D'Arcy
Pippa Cross, Sam Tipper-Hale, Nicola Serra, Marie-Gabrielle Stewart and Janette Day

A bohemian London artist returns to Italy with his estranged son to make a quick sale of the house they have jointly inherited from his late wife. Renovations go badly, and father and son find themselves at odds - not for the first time.

It's not long before the father falls for a vivacious young Italian chef - who restores both body and soul - until the pair find their relationship in jeopardy from her jealous and threatening ex-husband.

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