Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican's Support Group

Sarah Millican's Support Group

  • Radio stand-up / sketch show
  • BBC Radio 4 / BBC Radio 4 Extra
  • 2010 - 2011
  • 10 episodes (2 series)

Radio comedy in which Sarah Millican plays a life counsellor and modern day agony aunt. She dishes out advice to the studio audience. Stars Sarah Millican, Simon Day, Ruth Bratt and Alan Dedicoat.

Sarah Millican

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Stand-Up, Sketch Show
2010 - 2011
BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 Extra
10 (2 series)
Sarah Millican, Simon Day, Ruth Bratt and Alan Dedicoat
Sarah Millican
Lianne Coop

Sarah Millican plays Sarah, life counsellor and modern-day agony aunt. Sarah wants everyone to live life to the full and she's got tons of ideas of how to help - in the same way the busybody at the end of the street dishes out advice whether anyone wants to hear it or not.

Sarah aims to tackle the nation's problems head on with the help - or hindrance - of her Support Group. The resident 'experts' are sexist taxi driver Terry, and snooty Marion, who has an Open University degree in counselling.

The issues they must tackle include a middle-class widow who calls out a plumber and decides she'd like more than just her pipes fixing but doesn't know how to approach him; a young man caught between his current and first love; a 50-year-old glamorous granny who has rediscovered life and is enjoying online dating and drinking in the park (albeit a nice merlot in a National Trust Estate); and a sensitive butcher who likes to spend every waking moment with his girlfriends but can't understand why they might not be so keen on him.

The characters and problems are fictitious but Sarah also consults the audience for their take on the situation - with funny, and sometimes heartfelt, results.

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First broadcast
Thursday 18th February 2010 at 11pm on BBC Radio 4
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