Living With Two People You Like Individually... But Not As A Couple

BBC Three sitcom about an annoying couple. 1 pilot in 2007. Stars Tom Basden, Tom Price, Abigail Burdess, Sara Crowe and others.

Living With Two People You Like Individually... But Not As A Couple

Comedy pilot about a luckless aspiring writer who moves in with his successful younger brother and his sibling's girlfriend, written by Mark Watson

BBC Three
1 Pilot
Tom Basden, Tom Price, Abigail Burdess, Sara Crowe, Marek Larwood, Sarah Solemani, James Bachman, Leah Chillery and Phoebe Soteriades
Mark Watson
David Sant
Sally Martin

Martin (Tom Basden) is an out-of-work actor. He moves in with his younger brother Craig (Tom Price), a loaded advertising exec, and his girlfriend, in their swanky flat in Manchester. They are both lovely people but, as Martin discovers, they make a nightmare couple to share with!

Craig shares his posh flat with girlfriend Millie (Abigail Burdess) and they're hopelessly in love, while Martin is hopeless with women and has no money. Craig and Millie seem the perfect couple, forever making up silly songs and fighting only to make-up with exuberant sex. Millie is trying her hand at life-coaching and decides to help Martin by match-making him with her neurotic client, Antonia.

To fund his creative ambitions, Martin works at a call centre with frumpy Lyn (Sara Crowe) and nerdy Hugo (Marek Larwood). Lyn fancies Martin, while Hugo fancies himself as the most efficient employee on the planet.

Production Details

Part of

Comedy Specials

Production company
Also known as
  • And Martin... (Working title)

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 12th February 2007 on BBC Three at 9:30pm
Episode length
30 minutes

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