Tom Jones. Image shows left to right: Tom Jones (Solly McLeod), Sophia Western (Sophie Wilde). Credit: Mammoth Screen
Tom Jones

Tom Jones

  • TV comedy drama
  • ITVX
  • 2023
  • 4 episodes (1 series)

Four-part adaptation of Henry Fielding's classic novel, following a young man's quest to find love. Also features Solly McLeod, Sophie Wilde, Hannah Waddingham, James Fleet, Alun Armstrong and more.

Tom Jones. Credit: Mammoth Screen

Key details

Comedy Drama
4 (1 series)
Solly McLeod, Sophie Wilde, Hannah Waddingham, James Fleet, Alun Armstrong, Shirley Henderson, Felicity Montagu, Daniel Rigby and more
Henry Fielding and Gwyneth Hughes
Georgia Parris
Benjamin Greenacre, Gwyneth Hughes, James Gandhi, Damien Timmer, Helen Ziegler, Susanne Simpson, Rebecca Eaton and Polly Hill

Abandoned as a baby, rescued and adopted by a country gentleman called Squire Allworthy, Tom grows up kind, handsome, free-spirited, and very popular with the ladies. But he cannot escape his lowly birth. So when he falls in love with wealthy heiress Sophia Western, and she falls in love with him, their families unite against the match.

Tom is banished in disgrace, and Sophia runs away from home to escape a forced marriage to William Blifil, the heir to Paradise Hall. Sophia is prepared to give up everything for Tom - until she learns that he seems quite unable to say no to a series of adventurous flings with other women along the way. Eventually, they both end up in London, facing the wiles and whims of Sophia's aunt, the beguiling but dangerous Lady Bellaston, who will stop at nothing to destroy their love. Sophia quickly learns that the life of a young woman in London's high society can be cruel and dangerous.

Can Tom ever convince Sophia that he can be true to her? Can love really conquer all?


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Camera set-up
Single camera

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Thursday 4th May 2023 on ITVX

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