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Monkey Dust

Monkey Dust

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Three
  • 2003 - 2005
  • 18 episodes (3 series)

Dark, satirical cartoon sketch show unafraid to cover issues such as suicide, bestiality and paedophilia. Stars Morwenna Banks, Brian Bowles, Simon Greenall, Enn Reitel, Kate Robbins and more.

Monkey Dust

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Sketch Show
2003 - 2005
BBC Three
18 (3 series)
Morwenna Banks, Brian Bowles, Simon Greenall, Enn Reitel, Kate Robbins, Simon Lipson, Rebecca Front, Frances Barber and more
Harry Thompson and Shaun Pye
Adam Foulkes, Alan Smith, Jim Le Fevre, Steve May, Steve Smith, Laurie J. Proud, Suzanne Deakin, Michelle Yu and more
Harry Thompson, Peter Fincham and Daisy Goodwin

Monkey Dust is a cutting-edge comedy animation created by an award-winning team of writers and visualised by some of London's finest young animators.

The series is set in a permanent urban nightmare - a nocturnal world inhabited by the sad, the lonely and the emotionally crippled. Its satirical targets range across the whole spectrum of British society, from dysfunctional families to heartless government departments. This is a world of mass murderers and divorced dads, of illegal aliens and wannabe terrorists, of perverts, tramps, hookers and liars. Monkey Dust is a show that brings out the loser in everybody.

Series 2 introduces the over-the-top Hollywood version of the Crusades, complete with beautiful babes and a go-getting coach, the guy who never compliments his girlfriend's new hairdo as he's just witnessed something mind-boggling - like a failed alien invasion, and the television controller with his finger firmly on the pulse of reality TV.

Series 3 sees the return of old favourites such as Ivan Dobsky, the falsely-imprisoned mass-murderer; Omar, Abdul and Shafiq, the would-be terrorists from West Bromwich; and the Paedofinder-General, now booked for a regular slot. New characters include Fran Chappell, an ordinary mum who uses her daughter's disappearance as the springboard to launch a showbiz career, and Noodles, the lab rabbit who bounces back like Tom and Jerry from every unpleasant experiment.

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First broadcast
Sunday 9th February 2003 at 11:15pm on BBC Three

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