Father Came Too!. Image shows from L to R: Dexter Munro (Stanley Baxter), Juliet Munro (Sally Smith). Copyright: Independent Artists.

Father Came Too!

Father Came Too!

Comedy from the team behind The Fast Lady, centring on the newly-wed Munros who purchase an old cottage but underestimate the refurbishment needed

James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips, Stanley Baxter, Sally Smith, Eric Barker, Kenneth Cope, Terry Scott, Hugh Lloyd and others
Jack Davies and Henry Blyth
Peter Graham Scott
Julian Wintle and Leslie Parkyn

Newlyweds Dexter and Juliet Munro purchase a rundown, ramshackle cottage to escape from her father, the overbearing Shakespearean actor-manager Sir Beverley Grant. Rose Cottage is in dire need of refurbishment, and after being talked around to the idea of his beloved daughter leaving home, Sir Beverley is determined to play his role to its fullest!

When he turns up on the doorstep at 10 o'clock on their first night in the house together, Dexter and Juliet realise there's no escaping her father's meddling ways.

Aided and abetted by incompetent estate agent Roddy Chipfield - an amateur thespian keen to ingratiate himself with Sir Beverley - and a selection of equally feckless local builders, the group begin the rennovation of the property. It quickly sucks up all of the couple's money and causes Dexter to lose his job, but there's always light at the end of the tunnel - isn't there?

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