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Finding The Funny

2017 British comedy film.

Finding The Funny

A documentary about equality in stand-up

Film, Documentary
Catie Wilkins

A documentary about equality in stand-up. Is comedy a true meritocracy where the cream floats to the top? Or are the odds stacked with hidden agendas and positive or negative discrimination?

Only 25% of professional stand-up comics in the UK are women. But they make up 50% of open mic nights. Why? What is it about the comedy industry that makes it appear so rare for diversity to break through? Nothing happens in a vacuum. Is there latent sexism and racism that makes our default perception of a comedian (or person who is high status enough to control a room) a straight white male? The comedy industry is full of gatekeepers. How much impact do club-bookers, reviewers and commissioners have on the careers of the hopeful?

Finding The Funny will explore the hidden world of stand-up comedy. What goes on behind the scenes? Is positive discrimination actually a thing? What does it take to get to the top, and why are there significantly fewer women and minorities there?

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