2point4 Children. Image shows from L to R: Bill (Belinda Lang), David (John Pickard), Ben (Gary Olsen), Jenny (Clare Buckfield). Copyright: BBC.

2point4 Children

BBC One sitcom about a family. 56 episodes (8 series), 1991 - 1999. Stars Belinda Lang, Gary Olsen, Julia Hills, Clare Woodgate and others.

Series 5, Episode 4 is repeated on Gold today at 7:35am.

2point4 Children. Image shows from L to R: Jenny (Clare Buckfield), Bill (Belinda Lang), David (John Pickard), Ben (Gary Olsen). Copyright: BBC.

2point4 Children

The Porters seem to be a perfectly average bunch - mum, dad, son and daughter. This family, however, are anything but ordinary

1991 - 1999
56   (8 series)
Belinda Lang, Gary Olsen, Julia Hills, Clare Woodgate, Clare Buckfield, John Pickard and Kim Benson
Andrew Marshall
Richard Boden, Nick Wood and Dewi Humphreys
Richard Boden and Rosemary McGowan

Welcome to deepest darkest Chiswick, and the very average terraced home of the Porter family.

Ben, a plumber, lives with his wife, Bill, and their two children, Jenny and David. Whilst struggling to keep on top of the rest of the family's woes, Bill runs a small catering business with her man-hungry best friend and neighbour, Rona.

On the surface, they're a very average family unit, complete with 2.4 children - the .4 in the guise of fun-loving Ben - but behind the unexceptional facade, the Porters and their friends find themselves caught in a never-ending string of bizarre situations and peculiar dilemmas. It seems that bad luck, strange occurrences and poor judgement all conspire to turn the Porters' world topsy-turvy!

Production Details

Production company
Also known as
  • 2point4 Christmas (Other official name)
Theme tune composed by Howard Goodall.
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Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Tuesday 3rd September 1991 on BBC One at 8:30pm
Last new broadcast
Thursday 30th December 1999 on BBC One at 9:35pm
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