You Made Me Love You. Image shows from L to R: Tom Daly (Stanley Lupino), Pamela Berne (Thelma Todd)
You Made Me Love You

You Made Me Love You

  • 1933 film

After falling in love with a spoiled, bad-tempered heiress, songwriter Tom Daly must put his all into winning her round. Stars Stanley Lupino, Thelma Todd, John Loder, Gerald Rawlinson, James Carew and more.

You Made Me Love You. Image shows from L to R: Tom Daly (Stanley Lupino), Pamela Berne (Thelma Todd), Oliver Berne (James Carew)

Key details

Stanley Lupino, Thelma Todd, John Loder, Gerald Rawlinson, James Carew, Charles Mortimer, Hugh E. Wright, Charlotte Parry and more
Frank Launder and Stanley Lupino
Monty Banks

Stuck in traffic whilst driving through London, struggling songwriter and son of a music publisher, Tom Daly is instantly besotted with a young woman he sees behind the wheel of an adjacent car. It's a true case of love at first sight! Giving chase through the streets as the traffic begins to flow, she gives him the slip - but leaves him with inspiration for his first hit, What's Her Name?.

Heading into the office, flush with success and exuberant with his newfound love for the unknown stranger, Tom causes a commotion that enrages fellow publisher Oliver Berne just as he and Tom's father were about to sign a lucrative merger. As Berne storms out in fury, Tom's father fires and disowns him on the spot.

Deciding it best to head on holiday and keep quiet for a while, Tom sets off to the country but his old car soon breaks down. Calling on a nearby house for use of their telephone, he's delighted to discover an old school friend, Harry, living there. As the two begin talking and reminiscing, Tom is flabbergasted to see the girl in a photograph: in a bizarre twist of fate she turns out to be Harry's sister, Pamela - and their father is none other than Oliver Berne!

Minutes later Berne enters and is outraged to find Tom in his home, but is immediately won round when Harry explains he wishes to marry Pamela. Unlike her brother she has not benefited from the privilege of her upbringing, but instead grown mean, spoiled, short-tempered and wildly selfish. With their domestic staff nearing mass resignation in protest at Pamela's treatment of them, both father and son are only too keen to have found someone else not only willing, but desperate to take her on. The only thing left is to convince Pamela to consent to the nuptials...

After rebutting Tom's initial earnest approach with her characteristic anger and violence, the Bernes devise a plan that will convince Pamela to agree, supposedly for the good of the family's wealth - it works, but she is certainly not going make the situation easy for her husband-to-be. She may have agreed to marriage, but nothing beyond!

However, Tom is determined and has come prepared. For him this is true love and he's prepared to put effort in to win his wife around and allay the mean-spiritedness in her temperament. As they embark upon their honeymoon, it seems that Pamela may just have finally met her match...

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Additional details

UK certificate
UK release
October 1933
Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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