Dick Emery.

Dick Emery: Comedy Gold

Channel 5 documentary about Dick Emery. 1 episode in 2020. Features Eliza Emery, Louis Barfe, Matthew Sweet, Georgy Jamieson and others.

Dick Emery: Comedy Gold

Intimate film exploring the work of Dick Emery and his influence on comedy through the decades

Channel 5
Eliza Emery, Louis Barfe, Matthew Sweet, Georgy Jamieson, Katy Brand, Nina Wadia, Charlie Higson, Robert Ross and others
Alan Cleveland Brown and Tom Hopgood
Ricky Kelehar

The Dick Emery Show created a new type of comedy. Quick-fire comedy sketch. A cast of comedy characters that became instantly recognisable with catchphrases that became instantly repeatable. A one-man cast of outrageous characters that made 15 million viewers laugh.

The Dick Emery Show was so popular it is impossible to imagine the 1970s without it. His influence stretches years beyond his own days, shows such as The Fast Show and Little Britain are unimaginable without Dick Emery. So why is it that his shows are hardly seen today? Why has he been forgotten?

Now, in this intimate film, those that worked with him and those that loved him most share their incredible stories, show their rare home movies and reveal the man behind the mask. His extraordinary personal life, five marriages and numerous affairs. His love/hate relationship with the comedy caricatures such as Mandy. Most of all, the amazing creativity and acting brilliance that made Dick Emery one of our greatest comic performers.

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Production company
Also known as
  • Dick Emery: Greatest Hits (Other official name)
  • Dick Emery's Comedy Gold (Other official name)
  • Dick Emery: In His Own Words (Other official name)
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First broadcast
Sunday 29th November 2020 on Channel 5 at 9:40pm
Episode length
105 minutes