Nina Wadia

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TV, Radio & Film Credits

Year Production Role
Year Production Role
2017 Finding FatimahKhadija
2017 Don't Ask Me Ask BritainGuest
2017 Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule - Series 1Guest
2016 Jack Dee's HelpDesk - Jack Dee's Referendum HelpDeskGuest
2016 It's Not Me, It's YouGuest
2016 The Funny Thing About...Guest
2016 Hank Zipzer - Series 3Inspector
2016 Clare In The Community - Series 11Mrs Singh
2015 Goodness Gracious Me - India SpecialVarious
2015 Celebrity Squares - Series 2Guest
2015 Still Open All Hours - Series 2Mrs Hussein
2015 Amar Akbar & TonySeema
2014 Goodness Gracious Me - Reunion SpecialVarious
2014 Still Open All Hours - Series 1Mrs Hussein
2014 Citizen Khan - Series 3Aunty Noor
2013 Still Open All Hours - PilotMrs Hussein
2012 Keith Lemon: The FilmPat
2011 Epic WinGuest
2011 Mongrels - Series 2Nita (Voice)
2010 Friday Night With Jonathan Ross - Series 18Guest
2008 Fags, Mags And Bags - Series 2Aunty Veena
2005 Ed Reardon's Week - Series 2Doctor
2003 Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off - Series 2Asha
2001 Goodness Gracious Me - Back Where They Came FromVarious
2000 Goodness Gracious Me - Series 3Writer (Additional Material)
2000 Goodness Gracious Me - Series 3Various
2000 The StrangerersWaitress
2000 Perfect World - Series 1Maggie
1999 Goodness Gracious Me - Goodness Gracious Me NightVarious
1999 The Vicar Of Dibley - Series 3Miss Carr
1998 Goodness Gracious Me - Series 2Various
1998 Goodness Gracious Me - Series 1Writer (Additional Material)
1998 Goodness Gracious Me - Series 1Various
1991 2point4 Children - Series 1Sharma
0 All About Me - Series 3Rupinder
0 All About Me - Series 2Rupinder
Murder On The Blackpool ExpressMoira
CoconutSaira Chowdary
Tony Law: 21st Century AdventurerJanet

Rows styled with emboldened text indicate a regular/leading role.