Celebrity Squares. Warwick Davis. Copyright: September Films / GroupM Entertainment.

Celebrity Squares (2014)

ITV panel show. 15 episodes (2 series), 2014 - 2015. Stars Warwick Davis, Tim Vine and Joe Wilkinson.

Celebrity Squares

Revamp of the classic TV game show. Warwick Davis hosts, with regulars Tim Vine and Joe Wilkinson

Panel Show
2014 - 2015
15   (2 series)
Warwick Davis, Tim Vine and Joe Wilkinson
Les Keen, David Reilly, Aiden Spackman, Dominic English and Steve Parry
Richard Van't Riet
Aaron Morgan, Roisin Jones, Niki Xenophontos, Adeel Amini, Abigail Adams, Tony Moulsdale and Robert Massie

Warwick Davis hosts the revival of Celebrity Squares.

He is joined by comedians Tim Vine and Joe Wilkinson who will each be housed in a square and compete alongside a host of famous faces in the iconic TV game show.

The game is based on the classic 'Noughts and Crosses' with a grid of nine boxes. Inside each box are celebrities who answer questions. The contestants have to say if they 'agree' or 'disagree' with the celebrity's answer. If they are correct they win that square and if they win three boxes in a line - vertically, horizontally or diagonally - they win the round and money, before the winning contestant goes on to play the end game for the star prize.

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