The Last Hurrah - Interview With The Snowman. Elton the Snowman (Rik Mayall). Copyright: Sweet Chuck Productions.

The Last Hurrah - Interview With The Snowman

BBC Radio 4 Extra comedy drama. 2 episodes (1 series) in 2015. Stars Rik Mayall and Duncan Pow.

The Last Hurrah - Interview With The Snowman

BBC Radio edit of the 2012 recorded-for-CD comedy drama about the last talking snowman. Starring and co-written by Rik Mayall

Comedy Drama
BBC Radio 4 Extra
2   (1 series)
Rik Mayall and Duncan Pow
Rik Mayall, Craig Green and Dominic Vince
Jay Auborn

Elton is the last remaining talking Snowman - a war-mongering, immortal, immoral tyrant. Ed Mullet is an eager young ghostwriter tasked with interviewing Elton for a forthcoming collection of memoirs.

Elton invites Ed to The Last Hurrah, a notorious, near mythical, highly secret and highly disgusting gentlemen's club. As the sherry flows, Elton becomes increasingly inept at hiding his long life of crime.

This two-part programme is a specially re-edited highlights edition for BBC radio, created from the original series The Last Hurrah, which was recorded in 2012 as a six-part series to be sold as a CD online.

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