As Time Goes By. Image shows from L to R: Jean (Judi Dench), Lionel (Geoffrey Palmer). Copyright: DLT Entertainment Ltd..

As Time Goes By

BBC One sitcom about a couple. 66 episodes (9 series), 1992 - 2005. Stars Judi Dench, Geoffrey Palmer, Moira Brooker, Jenny Funnell and Philip Bretherton.

Series 3, Episode 5 is repeated on Gold on Monday at 9:25am.

As Time Goes By. Image shows from L to R: Lionel (Geoffrey Palmer), Jean (Judi Dench). Copyright: DLT Entertainment Ltd..

As Time Goes By

Lionel and Jean were young lovers until accidentally losing touch. Years later they meet again by chance and unexpectedly rekindle their romance

1992 - 2005
66   (9 series), plus 1 highlights special
Colin Bostock-Smith
Judi Dench, Geoffrey Palmer, Moira Brooker, Jenny Funnell and Philip Bretherton
Bob Larbey
Sydney Lotterby
Sydney Lotterby

Lionel Hardcastle, a young man in the army, and Jean Pargeter, a nurse, are madly in love until Lionel is sent away to the Korean War and, through a lost love letter, they lose touch.

Thirty-eight years later Lionel, a curmudgeonly divorcee, is writing a book about his subsequent years spent living in Kenya and Jean, a no-nonsense widow, is running a secretarial agency in London. When Lionel requires a secretary to assist him with his book revisions he unwittingly contacts Jean's agency and the pair are reunited.

Gradually, after some reluctance and hesitation on both sides, Jean and Lionel begin to rekindle their old romance. Alongside this main story a more tempestuous relationship between Jean's daughter Judith (Moira Brooker) and Lionel's publisher Alistair (Philip Bretherton) plays out.

This popular BBC sitcom draws humour from the ups and downs of unexpected romance in later life.

Production Details

Production company
Theme tune is a version of As Time Goes By, originally written by Herman Hupfeld in 1931. This version is performed by Joe Fagin and arranged by David Mackay.
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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Sunday 12th January 1992 on BBC One at 8:35pm
Last new broadcast
Friday 30th December 2005 on BBC One
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