Jo Brand.

Jo Brand: Born Lippy

BBC Radio 4 comedy in which Jo Brand reads from her book. 5 episodes (1 series) in 2018. Stars Jo Brand.

Jo Brand.

Jo Brand: Born Lippy

As part of Radio 4's Book of the Week slot, Jo Brand reads extracts from her autobiography

BBC Radio 4
5   (1 series)
Jo Brand
Jo Brand and Pippa Vaughan

Jo Brand turns advice-giver in a typically irreverent guide to life. She says she's messed up enough times to feel confident she has no wisdom to offer anyone. But who cares? She's going to do it anyway.

Once upon a (very, very) long time ago Jo Brand was what you might describe as "a nice little girl". Of course, that was before cynicism, misogyny and the societal expectation that Jo would be thin, feminine and demure sent her off down Arsey Avenue.

The plot thickened when, due to a complicated fusion of hormones, horrible family dynamics and a no-good boyfriend they hated, Jo ended up leaving home at 16.

Now she's considerably further along life's inevitable journey and, in this memoir, she reveals a side of herself that we don't normally hear - the things she wishes she'd known and the things she hopes for the future.

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  • Book of the Week - Jo Brand: Born Lippy
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First broadcast
Monday 3rd December 2018 on BBC Radio 4 at 9:45am
Last new broadcast
Friday 7th December 2018 on BBC Radio 4 at 9:45am
Length of episodes
15 minutes
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Sunday 9th December 2018 at 9:00am on Radio 4 Extra