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Live At The Electric

BBC Three sketch show / stand-up. 24 episodes (3 series), 2012 - 2014. Stars Russell Kane, Joe Wilkinson, Diane Morgan, Naz Osmanoglu, Kieran Boyd, Mark Cooper-Jones, Tom Palmer and others.

Live At The Electric

Russell Kane hosts a showcase of up-and-coming comic talent. The show features a mix of sketch acts and character comedians

Sketch Show, Stand-Up
2012 - 2014
BBC Three
24   (3 series)
Russell Kane, Joe Wilkinson, Diane Morgan, Naz Osmanoglu, Kieran Boyd, Mark Cooper-Jones, Tom Palmer, Tom Stourton and others
Stephen Grant
Peter Orton, Stephen Pipe, Andrew Gaynord, Paul Wheeler, Craig Young, George Kane and Will Thorne
Robyn O'Brien, Mark Iddon, Dan Atkinson, Anna Coane, Beth Garrod, Richard Allen-Turner, James Taylor, Jon Thoday and Sean Hancock

BBC Three's showcase of the 'hottest emerging talent currently getting the live comedy scene in a spin'.

Live At The Electric aims to accurately reflect the unseen breadth of the UK comedy world, blending stand-up, short films, quick-fire sketches and music.

The regulars across all three series are...

Russell Kane: The show's presenter, who provides stand-up segments to intercut the sketches.

Totally Tom: This duo play the behind-the-scenes stage hands.

Wittank: In the first series this trio presented various different sketches. In the second series they star in a series of sketches set in a school.

Two Episodes Of Mash: Joe and Diane perform a series of off-beat sketches.

The first series also featured Humphrey Ker in a running sketch; sketch group Jigsaw; Hari Kondabolu, who gave his views on the UK; sketch group Lady Garden; and Nick Helm, who closed each episode with some music.

The regulars joining the programme in Series 2 were: American musicians Bubba Duke And Noogie; Chris Kendall, who spoofs movie stars; stand-up Lucy Beaumont; French character act Marcel Lucont; sketch double-act Toby; and seduction expert Antonio. Series 2 also featured a number of guest performances from the likes of Loretta Maine and Paul Currie.

The acts chosen to appear in Series 3 were Pete Swivel, The Twins Macabre, Linda The Make Up Lady, Luke McQueen, Chastity Butterworth, Alex Smith, East End Cabaret, Roger Showbusiness, Marijana and Gareth Richards.

Marcel Lucont, Latin Lothario Antonio and Loretta Maine also returned for Series 3.

Russell Kane also stars in the self-penned The Only Way is Shakespeare, and in the third series this was with theatrical royalty Sir Derek Jacobi narrating the series.

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