The Dave Gorman Collection

  • TV stand-up
  • BBC Choice
  • 2001
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Dave Gorman is challenged by his flatmate Danny Wallace to find 54 people called "Dave Gorman". One for every card in the deck - including the jokers. Also features Dave Gorman.

Key details

BBC Choice
6 (1 series)
Dave Gorman, Danny Wallace and Dave Gorman
Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace
Pati Marr
Dave Gorman, Danny Wallace and Myfanwy Moore

When comedian Dave Gorman told his flatmate Danny Wallace that the manager of East Fife F.C. was also called "Dave Gorman", Danny did not believe him. During their drunken argument they got on a train to meet him. They also met his son, who is also called Dave Gorman. Back in London, they meet a third man called Dave Gorman.

After some searching they found a fourth Dave Gorman, who also lives in East Fife. When they go on the train to meet them, playing a game of cards, Dave realises that he is doing this while he is sober and therefore deliberately. Dave then asks Danny how many Dave Gormans he thinks he could meet. Danny puts the cards in the hand and tells him it is that many: 54 Dave Gormans, one for every card in the deck (including the jokers).

Dave takes the bet on. Not only that, but Dave also tries to meet each of his Dave Gormans at an average distance of between 300 to 500 Miles per Dave Gorman (mpdg). It is a trip that takes them to France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Israel, the USA and Norway, for the sole purpose of meeting people who can say: "Hello, my name is Dave Gorman."

Additional details

Hello, my name is Dave Gorman; Are You Dave Gorman? I am!
Also known as
  • Are You Dave Gorman?

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Tuesday 23rd January 2001 at 10:30pm on BBC Choice
Last new broadcast
Tuesday 27th February 2001 at 10:30pm on BBC Choice
Most recent repeats
  • Saturday 7th April 2001 at 11:00pm on BBC2 - Episode 6
  • Sunday 1st April 2001 at 10:45pm on BBC2 - Episode 5
  • Sunday 25th March 2001 at 10:55pm on BBC2 - Episode 4

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