John And Julie. Image shows from L to R: Julie (Lesley Dudley), John (Colin Gibson)
John And Julie

John And Julie

  • 1955 film

Comedy starring Sid James and Peter Sellers, following the adventures of two small children who run off to watch the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Also features Colin Gibson, Lesley Dudley, Moira Lister, Noelle Middleton, Constance Cummings and more.

John And Julie. Image shows from L to R: Arthur Pritchett (Sid James), The Captain (Peter Coke), Sir James (Wilfrid Hyde-White), John (Colin Gibson), London Police Sergeant (Philip Stainton), Julie (Lesley Dudley)

Key details

Colin Gibson, Lesley Dudley, Moira Lister, Noelle Middleton, Constance Cummings, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Sid James, Megs Jenkins and more
William Fairchild
William Fairchild
Herbert Mason and John Baxter

It is late May 1953 and across Britain preparations are in full swing for the Coronation of the new Queen, Elizabeth II.

In Dorset, young boarding schooler Julie is particularly taken with the glamour and romance of the occasion, and quickly decides she is not nearly satisfied with watching the ceremony on television - she wants to go to London and see the Queen in the flesh!

Summoning her slightly older friend, local boy John, she requests he take her the 150 miles to the capital. Of course he refuses - they're not even 10, after all! How would they get there? Where would they stay? How would they afford it? After overhearing his parents argue and discuss his uncle, Ben, a member of the Household Cavalry, however, he resolves it is his duty to escort Julie to London and fulfil her wish.

A couple of days later, with the Coronation now just a matter of hours away, they set forth, sneaking out to catch a train from a nearby town to whisk them straight into the city. Unfortunately for John the excitement of the occasion and the speed of the engine cause him to lose his ticket and they are soon ejected from their carriage by the inspector. And so begins a cat-and-mouse game as they attempt to make it to Westminster in time to see the Queen for themselves, whilst evading capture by police and parents alike.

As John and Julie encounter lost American tourists, Scouts and Guides, a magistrate and 'borrow' a bicycle, the pair look set to arrive in London in time, but whether they will manage to get a glimpse of Her Majesty or not remains to be seen!

Additional details

UK certificate
82 minutes

British Lion

Camera set-up
Single camera

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Broadcast details

Most recent repeats
  • Saturday 23rd December 2023 at 9:45am on TPTV
  • Saturday 12th August 2023 at 9:55am on TPTV
  • Saturday 17th December 2022 at 9:30am on TPTV

Recording details

  • Beaconsfield - Wilbury village locations
  • Beaconsfield Studios

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