[It's Niche That]. Image shows from L to R: Ed (Ed Kear), Marek (Marek Larwood).

[It's Niche That]

YouTube comedy spoofing news reports. 4 episodes (1 series), 2018 - 2019.

[It's Niche That]. Image shows from L to R: Marek (Marek Larwood), Ed (Ed Kear).

[It's Niche That]

Online comedy series spoofing news reports

2018 - 2019
4   (1 series)
Oliver Frost, Josie Shedden, Chris Goulder and Dickson Slam
Chris Goulder

[It's Niche That] is a British comedy series giving a satirical take on online news reporting.

We live in a country of makers, thinkers, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, brogrammers. All following a passion, a dream, a delusion. To bring the world their unique and important thoughts and ideas. You don't have to be good, but you need to be different. Really different. Preferably totally fucking crazy. But authentic. And true. And make for great shareable content. That's what we live for at IT'S NICHE THAT. The movers. The shakers. The organic scented candlestick makers. Ideas worth clicking on.

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First broadcast
Tuesday 8th May 2018 on YouTube
Last new broadcast
Wednesday 8th May 2019 on YouTube

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