My First Planet. Image shows from L to R: Richard (John Dorney), Carol (Cariad Lloyd), Brian (Nicholas Lyndhurst), Lillian (Vicki Pepperdine), Mason (Tom Goodman-Hill), Archer (Phil Whelans). Copyright: Pozzitive Productions
My First Planet

My First Planet

  • Radio sitcom
  • BBC Radio 4 Extra / BBC Radio 4
  • 2012 - 2014
  • 10 episodes (2 series)

Sci-fi sitcom set on a hopeless new space colony. Nicholas Lyndhurst and Vicki Pepperdine star. Stars Nicholas Lyndhurst, Vicki Pepperdine, Tom Goodman-Hill, Phil Whelans, John Dorney and more.

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2012 - 2014
BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC Radio 4
10 (2 series)
Nicholas Lyndhurst, Vicki Pepperdine, Tom Goodman-Hill, Phil Whelans, John Dorney, Letty Butler and Cariad Lloyd
Phil Whelans
David Tyler

My First Planet is an audience sitcom set on a newly-founded space colony. Unfortunately, the leader of the colony died on the voyage, so his Number 2, Brian (Nicholas Lyndhurst) is now in charge.

Brian's a nice enough chap, but no alpha male, and his desire to sort things out with a nice friendly meeting infuriates the colony's Senior Medical Officer Lillian, who'd really rather everyone was walking round in tight colour-coded tunics and saluting each other. She's also in charge of Project Adam, the plan to conceive and give birth to the first colony-born baby. Unfortunately, the two people hand-picked for this purpose - Carol and Richard - were rather fibbing about being a couple, just to get on the trip.

Add in an entirely unscrupulous Chief Scientist, Mason and also Archer an idiot maintenance man who believes he's an "empath" rather than a plumber, and you're all set to answer the question - if humankind were to colonise space, is it destined to succumb to self-interest, prejudice and infighting? (By the way, the answer's "yes". Sorry.)

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First broadcast
Wednesday 11th April 2012 at 11:30am on BBC Radio 4
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