The Warm Up Guy. Iain Bodkin (Tom Davis). Copyright: Running Bare Pictures.

The Warm Up Guy

E4 sitcom about a struggling comedian. 1 pilot in 2011. Stars Tom Davis, Satnam Bhogal, Ruth Bratt, Roger Evans and others.

The Warm Up Guy. Image shows from L to R: Iain Bodkin (Tom Davis), Marty (Roger Evans). Copyright: Running Bare Pictures.

The Warm Up Guy

Comedy Lab sitcom pilot about a struggling studio warm up comedian, starring Tom Davis

1 Pilot
Tom Davis, Satnam Bhogal, Ruth Bratt, Roger Evans, Hannah Job, Neil Maskell, Mark Mooney, Will Smith and others
Tom Davis and James De Frond
James De Frond
James De Frond

Sitcom following Iain Bodkin, a struggling studio warm up comedian and self deluded 'wally' who thinks he is a superstar in the making.

Iain is a loveable but completely delusional dreamer who is on the lowest step of the entertainment ladder, but in his child-like world he is the biggest talent out there, and is constantly on the cusp of his big television break.

Iain does the warm up act once a week for a dated daytime TV show with losing ratings and sees himself as a master at his trade, a comic genius. In the world of warming up an audience of grannies that arrive each week by the coach load, making the right cheer louder than the left, and spotting two people sitting next to each other in similar clothes, he is king.

Aside from his warm up world Ian has a YouTube channel, which he posts regular blogs, sketches, TV show and film ideas and various show reels. This forms the voiceover-led narrative of the somewhat tragic tale of his life, and we learn that he exists in a dream world bubble and has aspirations beyond his talents.

In this pilot episode we delve into the reality of Iain's situation. Only working at the studio one day a week means he still has to live at home with parents and is forced to get a proper job. However, this doesn't stop him treating Andy, the Job Centre advisor, as his showbiz agent and recruiting nerdy loner Marty, an audience usher at the studio, as his driver and assistant.

Lacking any real qualifications Iain lands a two-week trial at a supermarket but only sees this as an opportunity to practice his warm up act and hone his comedy skills. But when a TV producer from the studio recognises him in the store and offers him a "part" in a new comedy panel show will this be his big chance?

The Warm Up Guy is a loser but primarily an idiot and at 6'8" and 18 stone, a very very big idiot, and if he can realise that the biggest joke is his life itself then he may achieve his dreams.

Production Details

Part of

E4's 2011 Comedy Lab

Production company
Also known as
  • Comedy Lab: The Warm Up Guy (Other official name)
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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Sunday 6th November 2011 on E4 at 11pm
Episode length
30 minutes
Last repeat
Saturday 22nd June 2013 at 2:00am

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