James De Frond

James De Frond is a writer, director and executive producer. He works at Shiny Button Productions.

Known for


Year Production Role
2018 'King Gary Writer
2018 'King Gary Director
2018 'King Gary Executive Producer
2018 Pls Like - Series 2 Executive Producer
2018 Action Team Writer
2018 Action Team Director
2017 Murder In Successville - Series 3 Director
2017 Revolting
  1. E4 - Episode Four
  2. E2 - Episode Two
2016 Murder In Successville - Series 2 Director
2015 Murder In Successville - Series 1 Director
2014 Vodka Diaries Director
2012 Very Important People Director
2012 Very Important People Creator
2011 The Warm Up Guy Writer
2011 The Warm Up Guy Director
2011 The Warm Up Guy Producer
2011 The Pranker Writer (Additional Material)
2010 The Morgana Show Writer
2010 The Morgana Show Director
2010 The Morgana Show Producer
2010 The Morgana Show Creator

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