King Gary. Image shows from L to R: Teddy King (Riley Burgin), Terri King (Laura Checkley), Gary King (Tom Davis), Denise King (Camille Coduri), Big Gary King (Simon Day). Copyright: Shiny Button Productions
King Gary

King Gary

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 2018 - 2021
  • 14 episodes (2 series)

Sitcom about a working-class family man attempting to keep up with family, friends and neighbours. Stars Tom Davis, Laura Checkley, Simon Day, Camille Coduri, Riley Burgin and more.

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Series 2, Episode 4 - Fully Dark

King Gary. Aaron (Morgan Watkins). Copyright: Shiny Button Productions
Gary chairs a meeting of Butterchurn Crescent residents in an attempt to deal with growing unrest about Aaron and his disruptive, noisy, partying ways.

Further details

Gary and Terri have a huge row at the gym when Terri reveals that she's asked Kay to replace Chloe as wedding planner. Gary, it's fair to say, doesn't think Kay is up to the job, and the huge row that erupts means that by next morning, Gary and Terri still aren't talking. In fact, Terri has gone "fully dark"...

Gary has more than just the row to contend with - he chairs a meeting of Butterchurn Crescent residents in an attempt to deal with growing unrest about Aaron and his disruptive, noisy, partying ways. The neighbours want Gary, as crescent warden, to do something about Aaron - Big Gary is keen to smash his car up and scare him out of the crescent, which is surely a terrible idea - and Gary is starting to feel the pressure.

Terri, Kay and Alison have a pre wedding lunch in the West End, while Gary and his groomsmen have their suit fitting. Neither event goes all that well - Terri has gone past the point of no return with the "fully dark" and Gary is feeling even more pressure as neither his friends nor his family seem able to behave themselves at the posh tailors.

When Gary gets home, Aaron is having yet another party next door, and makes a fool of Gary when he spots him spying on the party from his bedroom window. Gary is in a right state, but still can't get hold of Terri to help him. A visit from Winkle makes matters worse - he reveals he's started dating Terri's mum, Jodie Simone, and wants Gary to treat him as family, which doesn't go down well. Just as this is going on, Aaron's party spills out onto the crescent. Gary confronts Aaron and his friends and begs them not to bring their after party back to the crescent, but to no avail - Gary is a laughing stock. And finally he breaks ...

Gary enlists Stuart's help and seems hell bent on smashing up Aaron's car to teach him a lesson. But before he can, he succumbs to a panic attack. When he comes round later on the sofa, Terri is home, his parents have rushed round, full of sympathy and understanding, as ever - and then the doorbell rings...

... it's Aaron. Someone has smashed up his car. But not just that - his cat's been stolen as well. Gary seizes the moment and claims he was responsible, and tells Aaron he'll send his cat back to him on the condition he packs up and gets out of the crescent. Aaron, beaten, retreats. Gary, assuming big Gary and Winkle were responsible, congratulates his dad on a job well done. Only Big Gary doesn't know anything about this cat...

Broadcast details

Friday 20th August 2021
30 minutes

Cast & crew

Tom Davis Gary King
Laura Checkley Terri King
Simon Day Big Gary King
Camille Coduri Denise King
Romesh Ranganathan Stuart Williams
Neil Maskell Winkle
Lisa McGrillis Mad Kay
Mark Monero Crabbie
Lily Brazier Alison
Morgan Watkins Aaron
Guest cast
Emma Sidi Anne
Alastair Roberts (as Al Roberts) Robin
Sophie Stanton Jodie Simone
Matthew Earley Martin
Writing team
Geoff Norcott Writer (Additional Material)
Lily Brazier Writer (Additional Material)
Steve Stamp Writer
Production team
James De Frond Director
Richard Webb Producer
Andy Brereton Executive Producer
Tom Davis Executive Producer
James De Frond Executive Producer
Ben Caudell Executive Producer
Lesley Cruickshank Line Producer
Robin Hill Editor
Anna Sheldrake Production Designer
Catherine Willis Casting Director
Roy Estabrook Director of Photography
Leonie Hartard Costume Designer
Nicola Schuller Make-up Designer
Pete Wareham Composer
Graeme Peacock Graphics
Laurie Mahon 1st Assistant Director

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